We are getting ready for the 2022 edition of the Traversée du Lac Tremblant | Ultraswim Canada! We want to give the floor to our athletes who will be participating is the Traversée from August 3rd to 7th. Marianne Dupuy, 12 years old from Prévost, will be swimming the 1 km distance. She will be among the youngest swimmers of the event. 

Hi Marianne! What swimmer are you? How did you start open water swimming?

Since I was very young, I’ve always enjoyed water.  I am now a synchronized swimming athlete.  I practice swimming in all its forms, even the 30 meter crossing without breathing.  It’s called the under-water. I started open water swimming in my lake : the Lake René in Prévost, Quebec. Certainly my favorite place is the see.  It’s the mermaid in me! 

What do you like in open water swimming?

I like to be in contact with nature. I even three aquariums at home. I fall asleep every night looking at my fishes. In short, looking at them in a lake or the sea is even better. My feet in the sand and running towards the water is a feeling of complete freedom. 

How do you prepare for an open water swimming event?

Taking on challenges is in my nature. I love the feverishness of the competitions. In other words, to be quicker than my mother when she swims from dock to dock is my goal. I was training 15 hours per week at the swimming pool before covid, now that has considerably decreased.  The event of La   traversée du lac Tremblant will be for me a comeback to this kind of activity after almost 2 years.

Is La Traversée du Lac Tremblant 2021 your first edition? What are your expectations for this edition?

Yes, it will be my first time, without gelatine in my hair, glitters and makeup. A big change! I want to get the finish line and make my family proud.

Would you like to tell us an anecdote that happened to you while you were swimming in open water?

I was the first one to jump in the lake at the beginning of May 2020, all dressed up in a freezing water. I suppose that all the nearby residents have heard my scream when I jumped. And all of that, just to be the first one to bathe in 2020 in the lake René!

Photos: Mélanie Michaud