We are getting ready for the 2021 edition of La Traversée du Lac Tremblant | Ultraswim Canada! We want to give the floor to our athletes who will be participating is the Traversée from August 13th to 15th. For Greg MacPherson, who will be swimming the 12 Km distance, expectations are to have fun, enjoy the spectacle and try to improve on past times. 

Hi Greg! What swimmer are you? How did you start open water swimming?

I learned to swim in the ocean at an early age. We lived in an area with lots of beaches and that is where I spent most summers. I didn’t swim in a pool until I was in my mid teens when I joined a swim club. I went on to swim at the University level and then on to a number of Masters Swim club. It wasn’t until we moved to Mont Tremblant several years ago that I re-discovered open water swimming.

What do you like in open water swimming?

How much time do you have? Swimming thru pristine water surrounded by nature and accompanied by amazing swim buddies is a true pleasure. Every swim is a new adventure filled with a sense of freedom, awe and challenge. It is accelerating and humbling at the same time.

How do you prepare for an open water swimming event?

I swim with the Masters Swim program in Mont Tremblant to keep in swimming shape. So event prep is about working more specifically on nutrition, working with my kayakiste and building up my physical endurance for long swims. Mental prep is equally important so you have to put in the time in the water. Also swimming with a supportive/competitive group of friends is a big motivational asset for me.

Is La Traversée du Lac Tremblant 2021 your first edition? What are your expectations for this edition?

No, not my first rodeo. My expectations are to have fun, enjoy the spectacle and try to improve on past times.

Would you like to tell us an anecdote that happened to you while you were swimming in open water?

No encounters with dolphins or orcas… Just a great, happy to be here every-time I take that first plunge.