For the very first time, the Traversée du Lac Tremblant is organizing a swim camp to help swimmers of all levels prepare for the events. In partnership with the Tri Connexion training centre, this is a completely new formula. Indeed, no other open water event currently offers this training. It’s one more step towards the democratization of this marvelous discipline of open water swimming.

We met with Myrianne Côté, the founder of Tri Connexion, who enthusiastically and passionately describes the programme and highlights of the camp: Enough to inspire us to embark on the adventure this summer!


Before we get into the details, would you please tell us more about Tri Connexion, the training centre you founded and the catalyst for the swim camp?

We began as a triathlon club that has evolved over time. We had to adapt to the circumstances of the pandemic by expanding our market. We no longer cater only to people practicing all three disciplines of the triathlon. We also serve athletes from other disciplines such as tennis, skiing, hockey… We offer private lessons by creating a personalized plan for the athlete depending on their discipline. We also provide group classes for those seeking motivation and stimulation. The disciplines we cover include cycling, running, open water swimming, pool swimming and swimming in a*Endless Pool. Muscular strengthening is an important part of our in-studio training.


All this makes us want to know more about the team. Could you introduce us to your members?

We look for profiles of coaches that will best serve the athlete. For example, we have François Belle-Isle, who taught athletics for more than 30 years. Véronic Gervais is an athlete passionate about trail running and focuses mainly on muscular strengthening. We have several specialized swimming coaches. We also offer a recovery service in partnership with the MC2 studio. We have a massage therapist, a nutritionist, an osteopath and a chiropractor. In short, we have a 360 view of all facets of the athlete and their training, which allows us to significantly improve their physical condition and performance.

Open water training organized by Tri Connexion


Who is the swim camp for?

We devote our 2022 summer open water swim camp to 100 swimmers who have chosen to embrace the opportunity to improve. It is aimed at both recreational swimmers wanting to improve their technique as well as competitive participants seeking to boost their performance. The idea of the swim camp is to find coaches with several skills. Tri Connexion will bring together coaches from France, Ontario and Quebec. Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches, one of our favorite triathletes in the region has agreed to coach in our camp. Of course, he will also participate in the Traversée!

Antoine, a world-class triathlete, will be one of the swim camp coaches.


What is included in the swim camp programme?

We want everyone leaving the camp to tell themselves that they have learned things that will help them achieve their swimming goals.    
Myrianne Côté, Founder of Tri Connexion

On the first day, we will do 3 in-water workouts. To begin, we will focus on specific techniques. Next, we will record video clips of the swimmers, and the coaches will analyze the performance of each swimmer. Then we will get back in the water and work on exercises corresponding to the objectives of each swimmer. Swimmers will work on the distances of their choice. On the second day, we will have dry-land workouts. Several exercises will focus on important swimming skills, namely mobility, strength and endurance. Each individual will be assigned to a group that corresponds to their objectives. We want each person leaving the camp to tell themselves that they have learned elements that will help them achieve their swimming goals.



Why should an amateur swimmer who has never swum in open water participate?

More than half of the swimmers who participate are neophytes, people wanting to try open water swimming. Why work in a training camp with people passionate about open water swimming? We’ll help you find your bearings in open water. This camp will demystify the discipline.  The camp is oriented to the goals you have set for yourself. After two days, the novice swimmer will have the necessary tools to feel more comfortable venturing into lakes other than the ones near their home.

Open water training organized by Tri Connexion


In a nutshell, why should we register for the swim camp?

Beyond the benefits acquired during the camp, you will meet extraordinary people. You will come out a winner.  
Myrianne Côté, Founder of Tri Connexion

The open water swim camp will be held at Lac Tremblant, a uniquely charming spot. For maximum benefit from our highly qualified coaches, you will be divided into groups, each with its own coach. Conviviality and customization of the training are ensured! The goal is to get acquainted with the discipline of open water swimming. Beyond the benefits acquired during the camp, you will meet extraordinary people. You will come out a winner!


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